Your Caregiver

What to Expect

Your Caregiver is a certified, educated, and well trained individual who provides companionship, personal assistance and/or specialized services during your time with New Frontier Home Care. Caregivers provide care tailored to each individual’s specific needs and preferences to facilitate recovery, improve conditions and prevent or slow deterioration of health.

Care will be provided as follows:

  • New Frontier Home Care employs both male and female Caregivers. At your request, a Caregiver of the same gender may be assigned to attend to you.
  • The number and duration of visits per week is determined by the Registered Nurse in consultation with you.
  • Caregivers arrive properly dressed and groomed and are courteous and patient.
  • Caregivers are only allowed to touch patients, providing manual assistance, to those who elect Personal Assistance or Recovery Management. For our Companion Service patients, they can only assist in the event of an emergency.
  • Each Caregiver receives instruction on how to communicate with their patients and will provide step-by-step instructions during activities that involve cooperation between patient and Caregiver.
  • Each Caregiver is involved in an on-going training program through New Frontier Home Care. We tailor our training program to fit the patient’s specific service needs.
  • Caregivers are supervised by a Registered Nurse who conducts regular supervisory consultations with each Caregiver every 2 weeks. However, if at any time a problem arises concerning your Caregiver, please call our office and speak with the Director of Nursing or the Administrator.
  • Caregivers will use the telephone of the patient to call a clock-in/clock-out automated time-keeping system. Caregivers will also be required to keep a record of services performed and the condition of each patient. Caregivers will speak with a New Frontier Home Care Registered Nurse, Administrator, Physician and/or family member to discuss patient condition. These activities will occur during the scheduled visit time.