Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire New Frontier Home Care instead of a worker who I pay privately?

There are four main reasons that will give you greater peace of mind:

  • Our extensive background check provides extra reassurance of our attempt to safeguard patients from abuse or theft.
  • We take on all legal liability by paying all payroll and FICA taxes.
  • We provide Worker’s Compensation insurance so that you are not responsible for medical bills and/or possible lost wages if an employee is injured in your home.
  • Our agency has the resources to provide back-up caregivers, nurse visits and experts on call.

Are there any long-term contracts?

  • No. You may cancel service at any time for any reason and without a cancellation penalty with 15 days advanced written notice.

What is the chance that my price will go up?

  • Every new client receives the same standard pricing so you can feel confident that you are being treated fairly. While we do update our service price schedule on an annual basis to reflect market changes, your price schedule at the time you contract our services will remain in effect for one full year, even if you change your service options.

What certifications do your caregivers have?

  • All of our caregivers are Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) and are registered with the State Licensing Board of Texas. Prior to hiring, all Caregivers are required to pass a background check. This background check is conducted annually after the first year of employment. Caregivers are also subject to a drug screening prior to employment and must submit to a random drug screening if called upon.
  • Our nursing staff consists only of Registered Nurses (RNs). Only an RN or a Nurse Practitioner are qualified to conducting nursing assessments for your loved one. We do not hire LVNs or LPNs for the delivery of care.

Do I have to follow your Care Plan advice or are we able to take my budget constraints into account?

Your Care Plan is a team document that is based off of our Nurse’s assessment and your input. For you, the important features of a Care Plan are:

  1. Does the Care Plan provide adequate care for the patient?
  2. Does the Care Plan allow the patient to remain independent in the home?
  3. Does the Care Plan fit within my budget for the services I need?

In most cases we will be able to accommodate your budgetary considerations without sacrificing patient safety. However, in some cases, the minimum level of care needed and the budgetary constraints will not match up. In these rare cases, we may not be able to adequately service your needs to provide the necessary amount of patient safety.

Do you provide transportation?

  • Yes. Our caregivers are there to assist you to maintain mobility around town. Whether you need to go shopping, make a doctor’s appointment, or attend church services, our staff is well trained to assist you in taking care of your business.

Do you charge any upfront administrative charges?

  • No. For our longer care patients we offer a free initial assessment which includes a patient physical and mental assessment as well as a home safety assessment.

How much training do your caregivers receive?

Each caregiver goes through 4 hours of intensive orientation. Then, on an ongoing basis, each caregiver receives the following training for each 160 hours of work:

  • 1 hour of safety training
  • 1 hour of policy, procedures, care, and hygiene training
  • 1 hour of premium service skills training
  • 1 hour of additional safety and premium service skills training*
  • This training regimen is required by New Frontier Home Care for all Caregivers. In effect, our Caregivers receive 1 hour of training for every full-time week worked.