Home for the Holidays

Home for the HolidysWith Christmas right around the corner, many families are planning to get together with loved ones they may have not seen all year. While the holidays can be a joyous time, those with aging parents are sometimes hit with the harsh reality that mom and/or dad aren’t doing quite as well as they implied during weekly calls home. The house is a mess; the fridge is empty or filled with expired items; prescriptions have not been refilled. Maybe mom looks like her normal self, but you notice she is wearing the same outfit she had on yesterday. Your usually energetic dad seems frail.

Coming across any of these situations can be absolutely heartbreaking. Unfortunately, as a home care agency, it is a story we hear all too often. It is important, as their child, to not blame yourself. Your parent(s) said they were doing well possibly because they truly believe they are; early signs of dementia can have this effect. Or, they simply do not want to be a burden or lose their independence. Transitioning from being the family caregiver to needing one is a scary thing.

No matter how the situation came to be, the important thing is to help them with that transition now! We at New Frontier Home Care know this can seem like a huge undertaking. Read below for some helpful hints and tips to get started:

Determine Type of Care

There are many options for senior care available. Determining if in-home care, a daycare facility or assisted living facility will be best is the first step.

Research Options

One you have determined the type of care you want, utilize services like Find Houston Senior Care, Care in Homes, a Place for Mom and even Google to narrow down service providers in your area.

Call and Ask Questions

Make a list of questions (insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, costs, services, employees, etc.) and ask them ALL. Consider every service provider a resource and utilize them to answer any and every question or concern you may have.

Here at New Frontier Home Care, it is our goal to educate you as best we can about our services. We try to answer all your questions when you call and always follow up with an e-mail to review what was discussed. We also include a sample cost estimate so you can see exactly what our services cost. The next step is our complimentary nursing assessment and consultation. This is an approximately two hour home visit conducted by the Director of Client and Family Services and our staff Registered Nurse. During this, we dive deep into more questions and concerns, nail down services needed and develop a care plan for our Certified Nursing Assistants to follow as soon as you are ready to start service.

If you or an aging loved one are in need of elder care services in the Greater Houston area, please call the staff at New Frontier Home Care. We are available to answer your senior care questions!

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